About Frydate®

Frydate® = fries at their very best. Baked to perfection, an enormous selection of unique homemade (and vegetarian) fried snacks to taste. Discover our surprising recipes.

Real frymanship

We are masters of fries, and we take this very seriously. Cut to perfection, fried in the right oil and perfectly timed: to us, there is only one way to make the perfect fries. Fancy some? We thought you might.

100% fresh

We focus on freshness and diversity. Do you order the same thing every time? Or do you like to try new snacks? The choice is yours at Frydate®! Try one of our special croquettes or our square Frykandel. Enjoy!

Sustainable? Sure!

Frydate® gives you fries the way fries should be, with snacks made from pure ingredients, wrapped in sustainable packaging and served in a clean and crisp environment. No fuss. Simply a great, honest fries experience. You can tell from the taste!
Masters of fries. 

Perfect at 162°

Preparing fries is an art and after years of perfecting this art, there is one thing we can say with certainty: at Frydate®, we know what works. The best potatoes, freshly cut to a thickness of 9mm, once-fried at 138 degrees and left to rest for a short while before being fried again at 162 degrees. Yes, exactly 162 degrees. If you don’t believe those two degrees make all the difference, just come and taste the result...

Conscious frying

Bye bye plastic disposable packaging and boring sameness: at Frydate®, we handle all possible raw materials responsibly. We firmly believe in using local partners and high-quality meat, farmed responsibly. We limit the use of single-use plastics and we use biodegradable materials as much as possible. After all, that’s what quality is about too.

Fresh & local
At Frydate®, we believe that tasty, fresh products genuinely make all the difference. That is why we only work with the best local partners.
The best meat for the best skewers.

Frymanship meets craftsmanship. We select only the best meat for our skewers, farmed responsibly and carefully processed by Antwerp’s top butcher De Laet & Van Haver.

Fresh sauces with a dollop of passion.

The best fries deserve the best condiments. We have more than 25 sauces on offer, all homemade and prepared with love by Délino, a family-run business in Knokke-Heist.

The tastiest spuds, perfectly cut.

Anytime is a good time for fries. Remo Frit delivers a consignment of top-quality fresh potatoes every day - cut millimetre-perfect for the best baking results, with the typical Frydate® crunch.

Green packaging for yellow gold.

To takeaway? All our trays and wrappers are 100% recyclable and specially developed to absorb the grease from your fries as much as possible. Keeping them nice and crispy for a long time! Thanks, Biopack!

Jobs at Frydate®
Shake things up and join our Frydate® family. Full of growth opportunities, the crispiest colleagues and now and then some fries. Sounds good?
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